Three Simple Truths

There are countless attacks critics use to try and discredit Christianity.  Logic & Light has addressed dozens of them and will continue to do so.  However, it is also important to realize that many, if not most, of the critics’ attacks actually do nothing to jeopardize the truth of Christianity.  This fact is because the foundation of Christianity is surprisingly simple and is ultimately based on three central truths.  We must remember that regardless of whatever a critic may say, if these three points are correct, Christianity stands as an unassailable certainty.  What are these three truths? Continue reading

Teleological Argument Refuted?

The Teleological Argument is a cornerstone of Christian apologetics and claims that the strong appearance of design in the universe indicates a divine designer.  One of the key evidences of the Teleological Argument is the low likelihood of such appearance of design having occurred by chance.  Given that this likelihood is statistically zero, the case for intentional design is strongly supported. Continue reading

The “Hiddenness” of God

In addition to the “Problem of Evil,” one of the most common objections to the Christian faith is the supposed “hiddenness” of God.  If God is real, and desires a relationship with mankind, why is He not more evident?  Why can we not see clear, compelling evidence of His existence so that everyone will follow Him?  As famed atheist Bertrand Russell reportedly remarked when asked what he would say to God to justify his unbelief if they met in the afterlife:  “God, you gave us insufficient evidence.”1 Continue reading