The “Busted” Series Links Page

Recently a Logic & Light reader asked if there was one place from which they could access the entire “Busted” article series.  In response to that request, we pulled together this page.  It provides links to all 14 articles in the series.

For those who aren’t familiar with this series, here’s a quick overview.  Critics are fond of saying that the Gospels are full of obvious errors that render them unreliable as historical documents.  They ask, “If Luke (or John or Matthew or Mark) can’t get their basic facts straight, then how can we rely on them for huge claims like Jesus’ resurrection?”

Well, it’s a fair question.  What’s not fair are the things that often get trotted out as “obvious errors.”  In fact, those alleged errors typically turn out not to be errors at all.  In the Busted series, we took a sample of the critics’ favorite “errors” and looked a little deeper.

Below are links to all 14 articles.

Synagogues Didn’t Exist in Jesus’ Time

Was Luke Wrong About the Jewish High Priests?

Did Luke Get a Date Wrong by 60 Years?

Did Luke Screw Up Pilate’s Job Title?

Did Luke Exhibit Geographical Ineptitude?

The Massacre of the Innocents…Did It Happen?

The Book of Acts Agrees with the Skeptics!

The Question of Jesus and the Demoniac

The Census

Mark’s Bad Geography?

The Nazareth Myth

Mark’s Alleged Geographical Ignorance

On Mark’s (and Matthew’s) Geographical Ineptitude

Mark’s “Error” Regarding Jewish Handwashing Rituals