Cosmological Argument – Part II (Critical Responses)

In part one, we examined the scientific and philosophical rationale that supports God as the cause of the universe.  However, since there are many intelligent, rational, scientific atheists, one may suppose that the case is hardly undeniable.  And as you would assume, there are many responses provided by naturalists to refute the Cosmological Argument.  So we will look at the primary arguments and assess their validity.  In the end, it will be clear that God remains not only the most reasonable explanation for the universe, but the only intellectually honest option. Continue reading

Cosmological Argument – Part I

Read Part II here

Two of the most effective evidences for the existence of God are the Cosmological and Teleological Arguments.  Logic and Light has touched on both of these in earlier posts, but it is important to look at each one specifically to fully understand their strength, and to refute the counter-claims of those that reject them.  So, over a series of articles, Logic and Light will explore these two arguments, starting with the Cosmological. Continue reading

Logic, Reason, and the Birth of Our Universe

Many people labor under the misconception that all Christians believe the universe to be a mere 6,000 years old, created by God in the span of 6 days.  After all, that’s what the Bible says, right?  (Not quite, but we’ll save that for another post).  At any rate, those same people often perceive Christians as ignorant and irrational beings with an axe to grind against science, most likely because, in their minds, science has been systematically dismantling Christians’ belief in a “God-myth” for the last several hundred years. Continue reading