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Basic Support

Your dedicated server is in good hands.

We constantly monitor your dedicated server's hardware to ensure it is always in good health. Our systems administrators are available to provide you with hardware and connectivity assistance, as well as always-on DDoS protection. For any information or requests, our support is always available.

Professional Support

High-level support for your project.

Take advantage of the phone assistance, priority ticket or the possibility to chat with our support team. We securely implement the solution of your interest and we are by your side to provide you with all the system consulting you need.

Business Support

Your fully managed dedicated server.

We monitor your dedicated server's services performance completely every 60 seconds. Our proactive support will act immediately to manage any events. Business support includes all the configurations and optimizations you need. Our system administrators will apply security updates at zero time to provide you with maximum protection. You can request an operational system vigil on demand in case of extraordinary occasions and traffic peaks.

Enterprise Support

We'll take care of the realization of your complex projects.

We design and manage complex architectures from scratch. Disaster recovery and business continuity, coupled with continuous monitoring and proactive support, will allow you to fully focus on your business. Our highly qualified and experienced system administrators are at your complete disposal to use the latest and most innovative technologies to make your project more optimized, scalable and evolved than ever.

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Hardware Support
Connectivity Support
Magic DDoS Protection
Automatic Server Restart
Ticket Support
Phone support
Chat Support
Priority Assistance
Let's Encrypt Support
Local Firewall Configuration
Systems Consulting
Client Solution Realization
Managed Server
Customer Solution Management
Security Updates
Optimization and Tuning Services
Operational Presidium for Extraordinary Occasions
Architecture Implementation on Project
Architecture Management
Disaster Recovery Solution
Business continuity solution
99,90 €
149,90 €

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Quick Answers

Of course! We have several promotions running on dedicated server deals but if they don't suit your needs, contact us and let's talk about it!

All the disks present on the dedicated servers are datacenter edition, SAS magnetic or SAS SSD or NVME. We have chosen not to use SATA disks both for performance (6Gbit/s SATA channel vs 12Gbit/s SAS channel) and for their robustness in order to guarantee maximum performance and stability. For the security of your and our data we prefer quality over convenience.

Your server includes free Netsons Basic support. For more support or full server management you can check out our support plans.

DDoS protection is included with all Netsons dedicated servers and enjoys the highest profile of protection against Level 3 and 4 ISO/OSI attacks.

On all Netsons dedicated servers, there is a remote management panel from which it is possible to access the dedicated server in Console.

All dedicated Netsons servers have a remote management card from which it is possible to monitor the hardware installed on your server and enable email notifications in case of events.

If I had chosen a server solution, our system administrators will be the admins of your solution and a privileged user will be created for you to operate within your server.

It is possible to increase the amount of RAM and disks according to the types indicated in the cart.

You can view dedicated servers that include a private connection directly in the dedicated server search page.