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SSD 10 Hosting

Linux hosting on economical and fast SSD infrastructure.

The SSD 10 hosting is a service that allows you to have a cost-effective web space on an SSD storage infrastructure. It is the first profile of the SSD Hosting range and is ideal for those who want to take their first steps online but do not want to give up a quality product with high performance.

You can have on your hosting, with domain included in the annual solutions, some fundamental features to create your website with Wordpress or Joomla: 10 GB of web space on SSD storage, 10 FTP accounts, 10 MySQL/MariaDB databases and 10 email boxes. On the SSD 10 hosting profile you will have available a free CDN, Turbo PHP and SiteSpeed to guarantee you even higher performance for your website.

It is also possible to increase the web space of your SSD 10 hosting without upgrading your profile. The SSD 10 hosting profile includes chat, phone, email and ticket support for any need.

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SSD 10 Hosting
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • A domain included
  • 1 website
  • 10 GB SSD expandable storage
  • 10 email boxes
  • 10 MySQL/MariaDB databases
  • Main Featuresi

€ 4.35 3.67 /month

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The easy and intuitive hosting panel to manage your website, your email, your database and many other features.

Your site with 1 click!

Automated installation of CMS like Wordpress, Joomla, Prestashop and many more. Save precious time and be online instantly.

Let's Encrypt

The protocol https is now indispensable. With the free SSL Certificate Let's Encrypt you can make your site secure and increase its visibility on search engines.


We have adopted security measures for the isolation of your cPanel account. Thanks to this feature, your data is protected at the level of resources and file system.


The HTTP/2 protocol has a double advantage: it will make your website loading faster and improve its ranking on search engines.

SSD Datacenter Disks

The new generations of SSD disks included in Netsons SSD hosting plans, significantly improve your business increasing the performance and loading of your website.

Top Performance

The architecture of our systems and networks has been carefully studied to offer you the maximum performance.
On our solutions we have used the best technology: SSD storage, Latest generation Servers, caching systems and CDN.

Turbo PHP

Netsons Turbo PHP is renewed: the speed of your sites increases thanks to the opcode cache that stores precompiled scripts in the RAM memory of the server. With the technology present in LSAPI, you save time and improve performance, especially on websites constantly under stress.

Netsons Web Shield

Manage the security of your website directly from cPanel with Netsons Web Shield, an advanced antivirus and antimalware protection system.

Quick Protocol Active

QUIC allows up to 3 times faster data transfer while making privacy protection more efficient.

Netsons SiteSpeed

Thanks to Netsons SiteSpeed feature, the loading times required by sites are halved, with benefits on user experience and SEO.

Instant Activation

The hosting activation takes place immediately after purchase. You can start working on your website right away and create your email boxes by accessing your cPanel.

Technical Features

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Hosting SSD 10 Buy

€ 4.35 3.67 /month